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Do I need a password/reservation?

We don't require either! The Crow & Quill is first come - first serve. Feel free to come on in! If you would like to reserve a table for a large group, or host a private event, email us at

Is there a cover charge to get in?

If there is an event, there will be a cover charge for the duration of the event. Check our events page for more details. 

Are events 21+

Yes, all events are 21+

Are kids allowed?

Small children are fine as long as they are well behaved. It does tend to get louder towards the evening, so many parents will come in earlier in the day with children. 

Are dogs allowed?

Well behaved dogs are allowed in the space! It does tend to get louder towards the evening, so earlier hours are ideal.

Can I buy tickets ahead of time?

Currently, we do not have a ticketing system. All shows are first come - first serve with a cover paid when you arrive. 

Do you have gift cards?

We offer pre-paid tabs that can be purchased either in the bar or by contacting us at

Are you open on holidays?

We are open for our regular hours every week. 

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